Golden Ears Winter Club Honourary Life Member and Club Hero Nomination Process
Applications for Honourary Life Membership and Club Hero status must be submitted by a GEWC member along with the signatures of three co-sponsoring GEWC members to the Board of Directors on or before April 1 of each year.

Annually after April 1, the Board of Directors will ascertain if any such nominations have be received and if so, the Board will appoint a three-person sub-committee consisting of two Past Presidents and one Honorary
Life Member to review the nominations and make recommendations to the Board or seek additional information from the nominator. Once complete, the committee will forward its recommendations to the President of the GEWC.

If all the qualifications and conditions are met the Board will conduct a vote as provided:

  • Honourary Life Membership – If three-quarters of the Board is in agreement, the GEWC will bestow the honour on the nominee at the Annual General Meeting held closest to the April 1 deadline for submissions annually.
  • Club Hero status – If the majority of the Board is in agreement the GEWC will award the honour to the nominee at the Annual General Meeting held closest to the April 1 deadline for submissions annually.

Extra End Bar

Watch for some new super specials at the Extra End this year.
We have partnered with Ridge Brewing, Parallel 49 and Sleemans to bring some delicious draft beers.  We also have bottled beers, ciders, wine and can mix almost any drink you can dream of! Come on up to the Extra End after your game for a drink, chat and fun!

Curling Club History

Curling began in Maple Ridge in 1956 when a group of local curling enthusiasts formed the Golden Ears Curling Company under the presidency of Art Emery. The Company proceeded to purchase enough land to house a four sheet Quonset-type building with four parking spaces. In 1957, the first rock was thrown.

The club thrived for several years while gaining the reputation as one of the most friendly and fun curling rinks in the Valley. In 1981, after 24 years of good service, the Quonset-hut was replaced with a new modern facility, which was leased from the Municipality and located beside the hockey arena downtown.

In 2000 the Golden Ears Winter Club moved to its third location in the Albion Fair grounds in a partnership with the District of Maple Ridge and Planet Ice(RG Properties). The new curling facility is unique to any other club as it has three short training sheets at the far end of the building. The sheets are used by the younger curlers in the Junior programs as well as elementary school groups. Often you will find high performance curlers working on various aspects of their deliveries. Curl BC has hosted a couple of Curling Camps at Golden Ears taking advantage of the training sheets.

Provincial Champions from GEWC

2017 Marla Mallett and Shannon Joanisse
2004 Diane Dezura
2003 Toni Fister, Teri Fister, Denise Byers, Angela Strachan
2000 Kelley  Law and Diane Nelson -Olympian Bronze Medalist and World Champions
1997 Kelley Owens
1995 Kelley Owens
1992 Kelley Owens
1990 Kelley Atkins, Donna Maitland, Karen Koyanagi and Terry Ridley

Senior Women

2002 Mo MacLeod, Betty Johnson, Linda Watson, Diane Hill
2001 Mo MacLeod
1992 Sheila Armstrong

Senior Men – CCA

1977 Jake Block, Tony Fold, Dale Longmuir, Frank Granger

Senior Men – CIBC

1999 Ed Dezura

1996 Ed Dezura

Masters Men

2004 Ed Dezura, Howard Grisack

2002 Ed Dezura, Howard Grisack, David Bettesworth, Lorne Schwindt

Junior Men – Pepsi
1992 Grant Dezura, Stewart Glynes, Scott Gregory, Andrew Paul
1991 Grant Dezura, Steward Gleynes, Scott Gregory, Andrew Paul
1976 Greg Monkmon, Kim neubauer, Mike Fehler, Jim Makinson

Men (Brier)
2004 Jay Peachey, Ron Leech, Kevin Recksiedler, Brad Fenton
2000 Brent Pierce – Safeway Select Men (Brier and World Champion)
1998 Brent Pierce, Darin Fenton – Safeway Select Men

Mainland BC Club Challenge and Pacific International Cup

2017 Mainland Club Challenge 2nd place Colleen Hannah, Lisa Speers, Lindsay Shannon and Cynthia Parton
2017 Pacific Internation Cup: Bronze Colleen Hannah, Lisa Speers, Cynthia Parton and Glenda Wonnacott2014 Mainland Club Challenge: Semi Finalists: Colleen Hannah, Laura Murphy, Lisa Mulzet, and Cynthia Sharp-Parton
2014 Pacific International Cup: Silver: Colleen Hannah, Laura Murphy, Lisa Mulzet and Cynthia Sharp-Parton
2013 Mainland Club Challenge: Women’s Champions:  Colleen Hannah, Laura Murphy, Lisa Mulzet and Cynthia Sharp-Parton
2013 Pacific International Cup: Bronze: Colleen Hannah, Laura Murphy, Lisa Mulzet, and Cynthia Sharp-Parton
2006 Mo MacLeod, Bev Allen, Heather Brown, Roberta Major – Bronze
2006 Cal Fister, Cary Blackburn, Brent Kupser, Don Wakefield – Gold


Thank You to Our Volunteers

The Golden Ears Winter Club has an active program with our volunteers providing thousands of hours every year including: instruction, school program coordination, and concession and bar service, as well as contributing to the success of major curling events. We thank all our volunteers for their dedicated contribution to our club.

Club Members interested in on-going volunteer opportunities are asked to please contact our Volunteer Coordinator via e-mail to see how you can help.

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