GEWC is a year-round, multi-purpose facility. The GEWC rents out club facilities for private events all year and we have ice in from September to March. We have a 4,000 sq/ft licensed lounge that can seat 160 people.  We have six regulation size curling sheets and three practice sheets for private, corporate, and schools rentals. Curling equipment and instructors are available. Golden Ears Winter Club has a beautiful lounge with full bar, dance floor and balcony available for all your needs. Contact the Manager for rental rates by e-mail to We look forward to hosting your event at GEWC!

Corporate Events

Are you tired of doing the same old thing with your friends or co-workers? Are you looking for something different with loads of fun? Something that is easy and entertaining for everybody? The answer can be found at Golden Ears Winter Club! Companies of all sizes are using curling as a team-building event and for client rewards. You could book our ice for a couple of hours, a half-day event, or even a full day.

Even if you don’t own a company but are part of a small business, neighbourhood organization or you just want to challenge your friends to some friendly competition – curling may be the solution.  All you need is a minimum of eight people to have an enjoyable afternoon or evening of fun.

We can offer instruction for newbies and provide all the necessary equipment including brooms, sliders and grippers for a nominal fee. Golden Ears Curling Club is located next to Planet Ice on the Albion Fair Grounds. Please feel free to contact our friendly manager for rates and pricing. We can be reached at 604-463-4813 or

Proper Equipment and Ice Etiquette

See more on Game Etiquette and Best Practices under the tab ‘Learn To Curl’ Keeping the ice clean is very important. Please have a clean pair of shoes ready for the ice. Even the tiniest bit of gravel can damage curling sliders and can certainly affect the path of a rock. Always clean your shoes before stepping on the ice. Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes but please refrain from wearing items that shed and leave lint on the ice. Also it is important to have a clean broom that will not shed hair on the ice. Warm hands and knees can cause significant damage to the ice. Never place body parts other than your feet on the surface for an extended period of time.


  • Do not RUN onto the ice and wear grippers (supplied by GEWC).
  • The rocks weigh 42 pounds or 18 kilos. For your own safety and to protect the ice, do not pick up the rocks. The rocks cost $800 each and damage to rocks means replacement.
  • Only deliver rocks in one direction at a time. It is very dangerous if a rocks hits your foot or the foot of a classmate who doesn`t expect it! Use your hands to move the rocks by sliding them along the ice.
  • If a rock goes onto another sheet, bring it back to your sheet.
  • Only use the sole gliders to deliver the rock. Make sure it gets back to the next thrower and doesn`t slide all over the ice surface.
  • Do not let the rocks hit the hacks. Remove the hack from the other end when not in use. Both the hack and the ice can be damaged if a rock hits a hack with force. Have one person at the other end of the ice, preferably the skip, to catch the rocks so they do not hit the hack. This is part of the skip’s job!
  • Brushes are meant to be used on the ice, do not sweep either the concrete floor or the carpets.

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