Elementary and high school

Each year we welcome over 1,000 school students to our club. The students use our facilities to learn how to curl as part of their regular school programming. Teachers and Administrators are asked to book early as the season fills fast for these visits and we don’t want anyone to be disappointed. Our volunteer GEWC coaches and instructors are ready to assist teachers, parents, and children from elementary and high schools experience curling at its best… in a safe and fun environment. The cost is $5 per student.

We hope that they will eventually be inspired to become a regular part of the curling community. Golden Ears Winter Club is designated as a True Sport Facility with emphasis on healthy activity, fun experiences, respect for R.O.O.T.S. – Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self, fair play, and giving back.

Important pointers for a successful visit

  1. Do not RUN onto the ice and wear grippers (supplied by GEWC).
  2. The rocks weigh 42 pounds or 18 kilos. For your own safety and to protect the ice, do not pick up the rocks. The rocks cost $800 each and damage to rocks means replacement.
  3. Only deliver rocks in one direction at a time. It is very dangerous if a rocks hits your foot or the foot of a classmate who doesn`t expect it! Use your hands to move the rocks by sliding them along the ice.
  4. If a rock goes onto another sheet, bring it back to your sheet.
  5. Only use the sole gliders to deliver the rock. Make sure it gets back to the next thrower and doesn`t slide all over the ice surface.
  6. Do not let the rocks hit the hacks. Remove the hack from the other end when not in use. Both the hack and the ice can be damaged if a rock hits a hack with force. Have one person at the other end of the ice, preferably the skip, to catch the rocks so they do not hit the hack. This is part of the skip’s job!
  7. Brushes are meant to be used on the ice, do not sweep either the concrete floor or the carpets.
  8. Helmets are mandatory for elementary students. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure your child has a properly fitted helmet.
  9. For further information please e-mail manager@gewclub.ca.

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